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The songless nightingale

Composer(s) : Michael Giacchino
Lyrics : Scott Langteau
Language(s) : english
Performer : Anders Marshall

Once there was a Nightingale,
with no voice at all to hail.
Other birds would laugh and sing,
while she cried behind her wing.

One sad day she flew away,
to the woods alone to stay.
Lost there was a little boy.
Seeing him home again would bring her joy!

Silently gliding she led from above the trees.
He followed her with ease.
To the forest edge.

There a hunter saw the bird.
Aimed his gun with nary a word.
Shot her down from out of the sky!
And the boy began to cry.

He returned where he'd been found.
Laid his friend ithin the ground.
Since he made that noble choice,
he was blessed with with a fine singing voice!
From within, came to him, the Nightingale's voice.

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