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A & R : initial of Artist & Repertory, represents the people of the companies of disc which are charged to find new artists, they must be in possession of the repertory of the songs (or musics) made by the artist.

DigiCube : It is the old publisher of the albums of Square (references SSCX). Born in 1996, DigiCube then became more independent and then went bankrupt in November 2003 because of financial problems. Since Square Enix joined Sony Music (references SQEX) to republish under its own name the old albums which are in the course of exhaustion and to publish the new ones. But all the DigiCube albums were not republished yet.

Mastering : it's the final improvement made with a disc : adjustment of the levels, equalisation, correction, obtaining of clean startings and clean ends of pieces, choice of the order of the pieces...

OST : abbreviation of “original soundtrack”.

OST 2 : second album of the OST released later that this one and which can contain works not include in the video game.

OST euro : european version of OST sold only in Europe. The tracks list can be different from the OST of origin.

OST US : american version of OST sold only in America. The tracks list can be different from the OST of origin.

Selling price : official selling price of product given by the editor in its country of origin.

Streaming : contrary to the downloading where a file must be recovered in its totality before being read, the streaming progressively allows the reading on the surfer's computer. It thus makes it possible to benefit immediately from the multi-media files available on Internet.

VGM : initial of “Video Games Music”.

¥ or yen(s) : currency of Japan.

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