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Theme of Bayonetta - Mysterious destiny

Composer(s) : Masami Ueda
Lyrics : Nikola Obermann
Language(s) : english
Performer : Helena Noguerra

Bayonetta, you're mystery. (Who)
You come along with a destiny. (Are you?)
This is your life, a battlefield telling you who you are.
(A mystery, Bayonetta.)
Bayonetta, this is your time. (Hold tight)
You gonna sparkle, you gonna shine. (Moon light)
Girl, when you fight it looks like a dance, you are magic, you're magic...
(You're dancing beautiful, Bayonetta)

Chorus :
Come on, come on! Come on, there's only one way - your way.
Come on, come on! Come on, you know there's only one way - your way.
Dance. Fight. Spin around, spin around.
Dance. Fight. Fly higher, fly higher, fly higher.

Bayonetta, you bury your loneliness deep down in your eyes.
(Beautiful. Beautiful. So Powerful. So lonely.)
Sadness lies in your eyes. (Lonely heart)
But victory shines in your eyes. (You will find it)
You're still alive!
(Deep down in your heart. Deep down inside. Victory!)

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