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Narration (Final Fantasy III Legend of Eternal Wind)

Composer(s) : Nobuo Uematsu
Lyrics : unknow
Language(s) : english
Performer : Jeff Levy

1. The Evil Power of the Underworld
...One day, a sudden, massive earthquake struck, shaking the bowels of the earth into complete darkness. Four magic crystals, which had been maintaining the earth's balance up until then, were lost, and buried deep beneath the earth. The evil elements of the earth, which had been kept down until then, came to life, and humanity was thrown into a living hell on earth.

2. Following the Wind
The windy city, Ur. The damage from the earthquake that occurred here was relatively slight. Most of the people were convinced that the wind crystal must be living in the underworld and protecting them... and they were right. One day the wind crystal arose from the underworld and chose four youths to find the remaining three crystals that would save the world. Off on their journey, the youths ventured forth; and, as a soft breeze whistled gently through the trees, the group of four strained their ears to hear hopes, dreams, desires. The wind spoke of all, and the four valiant youths listened sympathetically to the wind, believing that in return, the wind crystal would shower them with light again.

3. Montage
For the four valiant youths, this mission was a novel experience, and each of them was overflowing with curiosity. Everything they saw appeared extraordinary, yet they were completely void of fear. Thoughts of ghosts and evil powers didn't even enter their minds. They felt as if they could journey on like this forever, traveling to the outer reaches of the universe.

4. Their Spiritual Leader
Sometimes the four valiant youths thought they heard the wind calling softly to them... and they really did. When the four youths were feeling depressed and at a loss for where to turn next, the wind's voice encouraged them to keep trying. When they were lost and didn't know which way to turn, the wind gently led them in the right direction. While the four youths suspected the wind was helping them, little did they know that the great Doga was also watching over them.

5. Ebb and Flow
In any legend, there are a variety of contrasting emotions : love and hate, courage and fear, joy and pain. The youths, in search of the remaining crystals, also experienced these opposing sentiments. Yet while their journey read like any story of old, the ending was very different ; for the youths, rather than finding the crystals and saving the world, found themselves utterly hopeless.

7. Rebirth
It is when one thinks one knows everything there is to know about the earth that God snarls in the face of such fools. In this world, God will show only those overflowing with curiosity and expectations a small portion of Her kingdom. Those select few will thus eventually be able to find the light at the end of their tunnel - or, in this case, the light that will save the world, thus reminding them just how divine God really is.

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